Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Republican Angst

Many of my very best friends are Republicans. For some reason, they don't talk politics much these days.

My friends, sensible, reliable, people you would be glad to have in your home, grew up on a Republican party that stood for high moral values. The party they supported stood for fiscal conservatism, personal responsibility, small government, and maximum personal freedom. They were from the proud tradition of Abraham Lincoln.

Theirs was not the pro-torture, pro-secret prisons party the Republicans have become. Their party would never have openly advocated the general suspension of civil liberties. Their party, somewhat isolationist, would never have supported a "pre-emptive" war.

I remember being told by a staunch Republican friend in the 1980's that the Democrats always got us into wars. After all, a Democrat held the presidency at the outbreak of both World Wars, the Korean War and Vietnam. Well, no longer.

The new, 21st Century Republicans started two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq. The 21st Century Republican party presided over the largest increases in federal spending in history. The 21st Century Republican party vastly expanded the reach and scope of federal government intrusion into the private lives of all of us.

My Republican friends don't talk politics much anymore. But they still vote.

Mike, thanks for all of your blogs. I really have appreciated the last three. Of course, that is probably because I am of like mind about these issues, but you do a very good job of writing about them in ways which I appreciate.
The new, 21st Century Republicans started two wars, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Really? I was under the impression that Al Qaeda started the war in Afghanistan. Something about crashing jetliners into skyscrapers.
Hi, Mike.
I don't agree with about this subject. I haven't voted for anyone because of what party the candidate is associated with. I do vote for the person. But in all honestly and conscience, I cannot vote for a candidate whose party advocates killing children, loves sexual perversion, and hates the Boy Scouts!
I notice, Gil, that you posted at 1:55 a.m. Is my blog a cure for insomnia?

I am reminded of that great quote from Albert Einstein: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Labelling the party as child killing sexual perverts seems to me to combine the logical fallacies of "sweeping generalization" and "Ad Hominem."

You may enjoy reading http://www.sjsu.edu/depts/itl/graphics/adhom/general.html#sweep


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