Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Strangers in the Land

"People born in America are lucky." The voice coming through my radio carried the unmistakable inflections of an Asian Indian.

"All over the world, America is recognized as the land of hope," he said. Tejvir Singh described how he had applied for his green card ten years ago. In the meantime, he continues to legally work as a doctor in a medically underserved area. "I'm lucky, too," he said, "I get to live and work here."

As I listened, I reflected on how America is the land of hope and promise, just as Christianity is the religion of hope and promise. People born into the faith are lucky. But so, too, are people who travel great spiritual distances to come to the faith. People in America are lucky, whether or not they were born here or travelled great physical distances to come here.

The descendents of Abraham, spiritual ancestors of Christians, were aliens in the land of Egypt. After Moses led them out of Egypt, they were enjoined never to forget.

Jesus once said, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel," meaning, of course, that he was sent to minister only to the Hebrews. (Mat 15:24.) The woman who sought his healing aid persisted, finally saying, "...even the dogs eat eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table." Jesus relented, saying "Woman, you have great faith!"

Like it or not, the illegal aliens now living among us are literally our neighbors. We can chose to love them as we love our selves, or not. We can chose to give them a stake in this country, or not.

People around the world have great faith in America. They have hope. The decisions we make now, the course we chart, will prove or disprove the faith the world has in us. We will either remember the time our spiritual ancestors were aliens in Egypt, or not.

Our leaders should be praying, not that God is on their side. Rather, they should pray they are on God's side.

Very nice post, and of course you are right. Many Americans are just concerned that we do not know WHO is here? Could there be terrorists coming across the border? Are their child molesters/ other criminals? Yes, apparently so, since our jails are full not only of our legal criminals, but of these that have come across the border.

I am a Christian and believe it is our duty to help those who need help. But many of these people are breaking the law. I don't claim to know what the best answer is. But I'm certainly more likely to feed/cloth/medicate a 'guest' I invite into my home, than someone who breaks in and demands I care for him or else.

I have blogrolled you.

Have a great evening.
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