Thursday, April 13, 2006


What Immigration Reform Must Include

We must avoid the mistakes made by France and the other European nations. The policy of the United States must be designed in such a way so as to give people who come here a stake in our system and our way of life.

It hasn't been long since the smell of burning cars drifted out across the Atlantic. Recall that the rioters in France had nothing to lose. They were children of immigrants, at the table but with no stake with which to play.

To say that we did not invite the millions of immigrants who are here illegally is absurd. We hired them, gave them jobs and looked the other way. If you employ a worker, not only are you inviting them, you are paying for them to stay and help with your business. We, all the people of the United States, benefited from this cheap source of labor. But now their numbers are too great to be ignored.

Whatever reform the Congress passes, it must give the people who are here a stake in the peaceful progress of the United States. Otherwise, the burning cars will be Fords and Chevys, not Peugots and Renaults.

I dealt with immigration issues last fall, when I invited speakers to my Sunday school class. Reports are here and here.

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