Monday, November 14, 2005


Don Weiss for State School Board

My friend Don Weiss announced his candidacy last week for the Kansas State School Board. He will run against the Republican candidate in the 3rd District, which includes Olathe.

I know Don through his service on the adult education team at my church. Don taught adult Sunday School and helps the team with our decision making duties. He is a person of faith and outstanding character. He will make an excellent addition to the school board.

He expressed frustration with the state school board’s actions over the past few years. He opposes teaching intelligent design in science classrooms.

The Lawrence Journal World recently quoted him as saying "Now Kansas is again the laughing stock of the world and the butt of a thousand jokes because the board's Radical Right have ignored education experts, made outrageous statements, and put cronyism and personal ideology ahead of their duty."

The Topeka Capitol Journal Quoted Don as saying: "In order to have schools that prepare our children for global competition, we need strong science standards as well as strong standards for all other areas. It's time to restore respect and dignity to the Board of Education and the state."

The Republican incumbent, John Bacon, sided with the majority on the intelligent design issue. He also supported hiring Bob Corkins as education commissioner. Corkins recently said he will not seek additional funding for Kansas public education, but would make school vouchers a priority. Vouchers are widely seen as supporting private schools at the expense of public schools, thereby undermining public education and having a long term harmful effect. Corkins has no public education experience.

I urge anyone reading this to support Don in his campaign and to support the traditional values of public education.

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