Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Letters July 05

"BabyBrother" writes: "What is God? Is God a who? God exists, just read the Bible, is a circular argument. Anyone who takes the entire book literally hasn't done their homework. I think, therefore I am, makes as much sense.I fail to see anything intelligent in either statement. "

He raises profound questions.

We do not believe in God because of empty, circular arguments from authority. Neither do we feel God can be encompassed or understood completely by humans.

Whenever God appears as a character in a story, as in the Bible, at best we glimpse fragments of divinity. Fragments, being less than whole, are in a sense false. We do not know, cannot answer with any precision, the questions raised by BabyBrother.

We choose to believe in God because we need God, we need faith. Hope springs from faith; life without hope is hardly worth living. Indeed, hope keeps people alive who, by rights, should be dead. Life without faith is like living in a cave or a dark cell; life with hope is life embraced, lived in the open sun and air.

It is difficult to imagine that God needs us to believe in Him, or that He needs us to worship Him, or that He needs anything from us. But we see the difference believing and worshiping makes in our own lives, and we choose to believe.

There is, of course, much more to theology than the above; but this is just one man's short response to the question of who and what is God.

P.S. - Thanks for the kind words, Minerva21.

Interesting quote by "BabyBrother" regarding "I think, therefore [...]". I happened to find this post by accident doing a search for something else. However, it reminded me of what I posted here a while back.
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